Drone Racing Car Garage

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Jeff drone racing in a local car garage

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Date: 05/03/2016

Location: Deerfield Beach, Florida

Yes Drone Racing is a sport....

Jeff was having a little fun in a local car garage testing his skills flying FPV getting ready to join the Drone Racing league.

If you too want to join a local drone racing league you should check out the following site.  http://www.multigp.com

What is MultiGP?

MultiGP is an authentic drone racing league for first-person view (FPV) radio-controlled aircraft focused on pure competition and community. We welcome pilots and organizers of all skill levels to participate and help grow our sport.

MultiGP defines its Chapters into Tiers to incentivize them on bettering their groups, which in turn grows our sport organically.

Anyone with ambition, some event experience and a passion for drone racing can start a MultiGP Chapter. If there’s an active one already in your area, we ask that you reach out and find out how you can assist. However, sometimes a market is large enough for more than one, we just want to ensure we grow current Chapters without diluting established ones. We even provide you guidelines on how to progress through our Tiers. These guidelines are defined with the interest of growing your  membership and holding drone races in a safe and competitive manner. Remember, MultiGP is built on community and we have established a well groomed focus group of over 300 Chapter Organizers that are available to help you grow. In fact, mentoring other Chapters is part of our requirements.

Premier Race Sanctioning from the Largest Drone Sports Organization

As the Academy of Model Aeronautics Special Interest Group for FPV racing, MultiGP’s proven event management systems are the most valued asset growing our sport. Work hand in hand with us to incorporate our world-class staff and established best practices to ensure your race is attractive to pilots and flawlessly executed. Sanctioning with MultiGP allows you to focus on planning the other essential elements of your event.

MultiGP Regional Series

Our global network of Chapters provides the foundation for our Regional Series. Earn your position at local events across the nation based solely on your skill. We don’t care about how many YouTube subscribers you have.

2016 MultiGP Championship

This is not some invite-only event fraught with flashy lights. The MultiGP Champion will rise through the Regional Series to announce themselves to the world as the undisputed fastest drone racing pilot in the nation.


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Pompano Beach, Florida

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