Deciding on a Drone

Deciding on a Drone

We recently decided to expand our capabilities to small portable drones for filming some additional scenes in our work. With all of the different options out there we decided it best to explain why we came to the conclusion we did with the DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4k. While there are a multitude of different quadcopters’ to choose from this one provided us with everything we needed to make beautiful photos, and videos at a great price.

The Phantom 3 comes in a few different options.

  • Standard
  • Advanced
  • Professional
  • Professional 4k

The benefits of this platform were very simple. It provides a very stable high quality image and very easy to fly. Well maybe takes a little practice. The DJI software comes fully loaded and ready out of the box for precision flight on and unbelievably stable platform. So without getting to in-depth of which platform has the best features, we will tell you about the one that we chose and you can check out more information about the DJI Phantom 3… FYI You will want to now purchase the DJI Phantom 4.

To start of the camera on the Phantom 3 Professional 4k is much better than all of the others. Even though 4k is not necessary in production for most projects right now, it allows us additional footage to work with in post production. This creates a lot of freedom when editing your footage. The quality of the camera is fantastic for our needs and adds an element of professionalism to a video like never before.

The Phantom 3 Professional has a great platform and is unbelievably stable in the air even in windy conditions. This allows for long beautiful taking shots and cinematic movements.


The biggest con I have right now is the inability to have a true 360 pan ability with the camera gimbal. Even thought the legs would get into some of the shots this would give the operator a multitude of filming options to choose from. One other feature that would be nice is a build in FPV module besides the film camera. This would easily allow 1 operator and another camera operator for those challenging moving shots. With that said this drone has quickly become one of our favorite new pieces of gear that we have added to our line. Be sure to contact us for any questions or inquiries about our services.

DJI Phantom III Professional Sample Footage

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